Source Audio Pro Classic Distortion
4 Tube Amp and 8 Fuzz Box Overdrive Tones
Plus Clean Boost/EQ Mode
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Soundblox SA142 Pro Classic Distortion
Soundblox SA142 Pro Classic Distortion
Item# SA142
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About This Item: This is the pedal Premier Guitar gave a Five Pick rating. They summarized this pedal by reporting, "Its like having 12 different pedals for the price of one." That's just one reason they conclude with a solid Buy rating: "Buy If... youd like a single distortion pedal with tons of modern and vintage sounds." (Read the article by clicking here.)

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The Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion packs 4 tube amp and 8 fuzz box overdrive tones, plus a Clean Boost/EQ mode into one highly tweakable and programmable pedal.

The onboard 7-band graphic equalizer and dual drive controls provide virtually endless tone manipulation possibilities. Save your customized tones in 6 programmable user preset stations, available for speedy recall via three footswitches. An expression pedal input allows for seamless morphing from one user preset to another.The Pro Classic also includes a MIDI input allowing external access to presets and parameters, and is Hot Hand® ready for even more expressive capabilities.

Unlike other products, which attempt to digitally clone, model or emulate vintage gear, the organic tones of the Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion are the result of a five-year listening study and iterative algorithm design process involving over 40 classic pedals and extensive artist evaluation.

DC Power Supply Adapter Included! No need for batteries.

Classic Distortion Pro Interface

Roll your mouse over the panel controls to learn about each one.

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I/O Ports

Roll your mouse over the panel controls to learn about each one.

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Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion Features & Specifications

  • Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring 11 varieties of classic distortion sounds with an added CLEAN BOOST + EQ mode.
  • State-of-the-art DSP — Featuring 56-bit Digital Signal Processing and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
  • 6 User Presets — Easy to configure user presets in two banks selectable via 3 footswitches for quick access of your customized sounds
  • 7-Band Equalizer — Ultra-precise 7-band equalizer for in-depth tone control.
  • Sound Morphing — An expression input allows morphing of sounds between preset banks.
  • MIDI Compatible — A MIDI input allows external access to presets and parameters.
  • Motion Control — All Soundblox and Soundblox Pro pedals are ‘Hot Hand Ready’ and can be used with any Hot Hand motion sensor to extend the capabilities of the unit.
  • Active Analog Bypass — Bypass is fully routed around the DSP and active input ensures zero signal degradation.
  • Dimensions: 7in./17.8cm (length not including I/O jacks) x 6 in./15.25cm (width) x 2in./5cm (height, including knobs).

Videos To Learn More

Want to know more?

We know that once you understand the capabilities of this amazing pedal you will want to get your hands on one. To convince you, here are three videos to wet your appetite.

The first video is a demonstration. You get a great idea of the use of the pedal with a variety of settings.

The second video is a bit of background on the design of the pedal. It can really help to understand the thought process behind the product, and here you get to meet the two designers of the Source Audio Pro Classic Distortion.

Finally, listen to the designers as they walk you through a few of the controls, presets, morphing, use of MIDI, and more.

Video 1 - An In-Depth Demonstration

In this video, Jeff McAlack of Source Audio demonstrates a number of settings on the Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion pedal.

Video 2 - Meet The Pedal Designers

Meet Bob Chidlaw and Jesse Remignanti, the engineering master minds behind Source Audio pedals.

Video 3 - Learn About EQ Controls, Morphing, MIDI, more!

Bob and Jesse give more in-depth information on the use of the pedal. As they do, hear how the design becomes amazing sound in a series of short pedal demonstrations.

Download a PDF file of the User Manual...

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