DR Extra Life Red Devils
5 String Bass Guitar Set
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DR EXTRA-Life Medium 5 String Red Devils RDB5-45
DR EXTRA-Life Medium 5 String Red Devils RDB5-45
Item# DR-RDB5-45
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About this item: DR Handmade Bass Strings, makers of the world's finest handmade guitar and bass strings, now combines the latest long-life wire technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

DR's EXTRA-LifeTM bass guitar strings are the world's finest coated string. EXTRA-LifeTM has a super thin advanced .0003" coating, that is applied to the wrap wire before it is wound. The coating includes a corrosion inhibiting lacquer for extra protection against damaging substances such as perspiration, dirt, humidity, and "acid hands."

DR EXTRA-LifeTM offer players a superior coated string without sacrificing the crisp tone, clarity, and volume of traditional DR Handmade Strings.

The ratios and principles of "Tite Fit Compression Winding" are used for the manufacture of all DR Strings. DR crafts their strings at tension. For example, for a .105 string, they use a core wire of .022, make a first wrap of .009 x 2 (top and bottom covers), followed by a second wrap of .014 x 2, and a third wrap of .020. The total before winding is .108, but the total after Tite Fit Compression Winding is .105. The finished string is tighter and smaller than the sum of its parts!

DR puts more in, so you get more out.

Red Devils feature a red coating for a unique stylish look that sounds great and lasts a long time.

String Gauges: G 45, D 65, A 85, E 105, B 125

String Material:
Core Wire: Steel
Round Wound Wrap Wire: Steel

Manufacturer Part #: RDB5-45