Elixir 14202 5-String Light Long Scale
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Elixir 14202 Nanoweb 5-String Light Long Scale
Elixir 14202 Nanoweb 5-String Light Long Scale
Item# ELX-14202
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About This Item: Elixir 14202 5-String light-gauge bass guitar set with .130 B-String features the legendary ultra-thin NANOWEBŪ Coating.

These strings are perfect for any style of electric bass playing and are preferred by electric bassists all over the world. Whether you're a rock, jazz, funk, country, or R&B player, these strings will give you many hours of great punchy tone and will ensure that your bass sounds its best.

A note about string gauges: Bass strings are available in a number of different thicknesses or gauges. The best gauge for you is based on the style of music you play. Do you play hard, slap and pop strings, or sit in the pocket and play the root of the chord? The answer to these questions relate to which is the best gauge for you. Remember, the lighter gauges work best for beginners because they can be easier on your fingers. It's important to have your guitar professionally set up, especially if you're changing your string gauge. If you're new to changing bass guitar strings and have questions, we recommend you visit your local music store.

A note about scale length: Choosing strings for bass is a little trickier than for other guitars because you must select the correct length for the scale of the instrument you have. The problem is that for the large-diameter strings, the thickest wound portion of the strings must contact both the bridge (saddle) and the nut, but the thickest wound portion cannot be wound around the tuning posts. This part of a bass string is not flexible enough to go around the narrow post and can easily break if this is attempted. If you're not sure what scale your bass is (medium, long, or extra-long), we suggest you visit your local music store. They'll help you choose the correct string scale.