Elixir Nanoweb Medium Acoustic Strings #11102

Elixir Nanoweb Medium Acoustic Strings #11102
Item# ELX-11102
Suggested Retail: $30.00
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About This Item: The Elixir 80/20 Bronze Nanoweb Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings provide long life in the most popular type of string.

Bright tone lasts a long, long time with Elixir Nanoweb strings. The ultra-thin Nanoweb coating prevents contamination and corrosion from invading the string's Critical Zone of Tone.

80/20 Bronze provides a clear, crisp acoustic tone.

Elixir strings sound great for 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary strings.

String Gauges are (High E to Low E): .013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056 (inches)

Manufacturer Part #: 11102
List Price: $30.00