Elixir Polyweb Light Medium Bluegrass Strings #11075

Elixir Polyweb Light Medium Bluegrass Strings #11075
Item# ELX-11075
Suggested Retail: $30.00
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About this item: The Elixir 80/20 Bronze Polyweb Light-Meduim Acoustic Guitar Strings provide a clear, crisp acoustic tone with pronounce bass and bright highs. Perfect for bluegrass or whenever you demand more flexibility in your strings.

Strings are not just strings. They are the connection between you and your music. When strings go dead, so does the inspiration to play. After all, who wants to play when strings feel crusty and their sound is dull and muddy? It's a curse we lived with for years.

Elixir strings last 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary strings without compromising tone. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, change them less often, and trust that your guitar is ready to go whenever you are.

Balanced tone and a smooth comfortable feel, Elixir strings with Polyweb coating prevent contamination and corrosion from invading the string's Critical Zone of Tone. The Polyweb coating feels smooth and comfortable while reducing finger squeek.

String Gauges on this set are are (High E to Low E): .012 .016 .024 .035 .045 .056 (inches)

Manufacturer Part #: 11075