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All web-site and web-store owners are told that any page that is "Under Construction" is a bad thing.

I guess we're non-conformists!

The series of pages that will eventually launch from here will include tips and articles on how to play and maintain your guitar.

As articles are added, they will appear below. Enjoy, and check back frequently!

Change Guitar Strings
Two questions we frequently get are: "Why do strings wear out?" and "When should I change my strings?" In this article, we provide answers to these questions. Click to learn all about why, when, and how to change guitar strings.
Drop D Tuning
Most new players learn with standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E). Other tunings, such as Drop D, provide a unique sound, simplify some chord forms, and introduce something new into your learning and playing. Read all about...
Guitar Strings Primer
Choice is great, but too many choices can create confusion. Such can be the case with the amazing variety of guitar strings available. This guitar strings primer unravels the mysteries and explains the basics of how to choose the best strings for your guitar.
All About Looper Pedals - Do You Need One?
What is a looper pedal (aka loop maker)? If you have one or more effects pedals, discover how you benefit from owning one!