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Planet Waves Humidifier With Humidity & Temperature Sensor (PW-GH-HTS)
Planet Waves Humidifier With Humidity & Temperature Sensor (PW-GH-HTS)
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About this item: This is the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier with Digital Humidity & Temperature sensor.

The single most important thing you can do to protect your guitar is to control humidity. The Planet Waves Humidifier and Sensor Kit is a convenient way to track and control humidity.

Most acoustic guitar manufacturers recommend a relative humidity (RH) range of 45%-50% for their acoustic guitars. Unfortunately, during the fall, winter, and early spring heating seasons, most homes are significantly below these healthy levels. The colder it is outside, the more you heat your home, the drier the air becomes.

When the RH in your home drops to 35% or lower, look out! The guitar's top will start to sink in, the neck angle can change, cracks often occur in the finish, the bridge can lift from the top, and action will drop, causing fret buzz. Most guitar manufacturers will not honor warranties if you allow your guitar to dry out like this, and the resulting repairs can be very expensive. An in-the-guitar-body humidity control device like the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier is essential for proper maintenance of your guitar.

This convenient kit includes both the Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier and the popular Planet Waves Temperature & Humidity Sensor (also known as a thermoeter & hygrometer).


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This combination of adding humidity and tracking your humidity level protects your guitar even in the driest environments. Once a week (depending on the humidity in your home) simply pop off the top of the humidifier, moisten the sponge, squeeze out excess water, replace the top, and place the humidifier in the sound hole of your acoustic. Then, check the humidity levels every few days to ensure the proper humidity levels are maintained. The HTS sensor also includes a convenient temperature sensor.

The Planet Waves Humidity & Temperature Sensor is a precision-designed hygrometer that digitally indicates accurate relative humidity levels ranging from low (under 20%) to 99%. Temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, ranging from -32F to 122F (-35C to 50C). The HTS includes a programmable set point, as well as a memory feature that indicates date/time of the highest & lowest temperature/humidity levels the instrument has been exposed to. Get one for each of your instruments. Its a wise investment to properly install and use a Planet Waves HTS and a humidifier in each of your instrument cases.

  • Accurately displays temperature and humidity levels
  • Memory feature indicates recent high and low levels
  • Built in clock and calendar
  • Get one for each instrument case

Manufacturer Part #: PW-GH-HTS