Lava Vintage ELC Cable
20 Foot Length Straight To Right Angle
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Lava Cable 20' Vintage Tweed ELC Cable RA End
Lava Cable 20' Vintage Tweed ELC Cable RA End

About this item: The Lava Vintage Tweed Cable is a special braided version of its amazing ELC (Extreme Low Capacitance) guitar and instrument cable. This cable is completely made in the USA.

The cable ends are G&H Ultra High Clarity plugs with black housing and gold stems.

This cable has been designed by Lava Cable to provide world-class sonic performance. Find out why reviewers such as describe the sound produced by Lava Cable as "clean, detailed," at a better price than other high-end cables on the market.

Lifetime guarantee when purchased from an authorized Lava Cable Dealer.  Select Sounds is proud to be an authorized Lava Cable Dealer.