Mission Engineering ReWah Pro
World's First Switch-Selectable Wah Wiring
Custom Inductor, Audiophile Quality Dual Transistor
Vintage Strength and Feed With Increased Frequency Range
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Mission Engineering ReWah Pro
Mission Engineering ReWah Pro

What Is The Mission Engineering ReWah Pro?

The Mission Engineering ReWah is the world's first wah pedal with switch-selectable wiring, making it the first great leap in wah pedal technology since the 1960's.

Rewah is built around a custom inductor of the type used in very high end audio amplifiers. The inductance and resistance are the same as the vintage halo inductors that are highly coveted for wah pedals. Due to the huge core, twice the size of a typical wah coil, Rewah has excellent bass response and little saturation. Audiophile quality dual transistor, JFET output buffer, and hardwired True Bypass ensure extremely low noise. Mission’s own design cast metal chassis matched to a custom, sealed ICAR taper pot gives vintage style strength and feel while offering an increased frequency range over a typical wah pedal.

Rewah's secret weapon is that it can be rewired (Rewah’d) with four different circuit modifications to change the tonal characteristics via a small internal switch block. Boost the gain and lower the Q for rock and metal. Extend the bandwidth and reduce the gain for a clean country twang. The switches can be used alone or in series to suit your style, or just to change up your tone. Switches can be used individually or in conjunction for a total of sixteen different tonal variations.

The Rewah Pro is finished in a clear coated metallic candy purple with an aluminum Rewah badge. Each one is individually signed by the Mission Master Engineer who built and tested it from start to finish.

Why Is It Switchable?

Since the invention of the Wah pedal the argument has raged over the best way to wire the pedal to obtain a great wah effect along with clean sound. Rather than pick one solution, Mission Engineering allows you to make that choice, or change your mind, with a simple change of a switch. In fact, you can choose between one of four separate wiring solutions. These solutions can be used individually or in sequence with one another, giving you even more control to define your unique wah tone.


Trivia! It's also the first Mission Engineering pedal to ship with a User Guide!


Why do they call this a "Pro" pedal?

The Mission Engineering ReWah Pro uses a custom designed inductor, created from the ground up to Mission Engineering's high-quality standards. This inductor is similar to what you might find in high-end audio amplifiers and has similar characteristics to the well respected vintage 'halo' inductors used in early wah pedals. Every inductor is assembled and tested by hand in the USA to ensure consistent high performance.

What Connections Are On The Pedal?

The ReWah Pro provides one 1/4" mono (TS) IN for your instrument, one 1/4" mono OUT for your amplifier or other effect box, and a power input.

What Are The Power Requirements?

The ReWah Pro can be powered either by an external power supply or an internal 9v battery (not included). The power supply should be 9v DC center pin negative with a 2.1mm connector (such as the Mission PS1-9VDC). For daisy-chain powering on a pedalboard Mission recommends the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ and the Dunlop DC-Brick Multi-Power Supply.

What Is Included In The Box?

You get the following:

  • The Mission ReWah pedal
  • One hex wrench
  • User Guide
  • Two extra IN/OUT retention nuts
  • One stick-on pad
  • One nylon washer

Why Do I Need The Included Nuts, Washer, and Sticky Pad?

The included washer kit (retention nuts and nylon washer) is used for adjusting the height of the toe switch. Some folks like to turn the wah on with a light touch, others like to really push down on the switch before it engages. The nuts and washer allow for this custom fitting.

The sticky pad goes on the underside of the rocker where it contacts with the switch. There is one pre-installed in the factory. The one in the bag is a spare.

Can I See the pedal, and the switches, In Action?

Sure! Here you go...

Mission Engineering ReWah Wah Pedal