Nose Big Fluff Fuzz
Silicon Fuzz Plus LED Clipper Fuzz
True-bypassed Switching - Compatible With Bass & Electric Guitar
Completely Hand-build, Hand-painted, & Hand-tested
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Nose Pedal Big Fluff Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz Plus LED Clipper Fuzz
Nose Pedal Big Fluff Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz Plus LED Clipper Fuzz
Item# NP-BigFuzz

What Is The Nose Pedal Big Fluff Fuzz?

The Nose Big Fluff Fuzz is a very serious fuzz, based on the famous Big Muff Fuzz. Starting with great and famous sounding fuzz, many other features were added the Nose Big Fluff. This fuzz is essentially two circuits in one pedal. Circuit one is a silicon fuzz which will sound more like the Big Muff tone. Switch to the second circuit and you’ll get the more crunchy LED clipper circuit fuzz. This is also a very versatile fuzz in tonality. The first toggle allows you to completely bypass the tone settings so you’ll hear the natural sounding silicon or LED clipper fuzz. Setting the tone toggle to “on” opens up a wide variety of options. The second toggle allows you to set the tone based on a mid-boost or a mid-scoop. Then use the tone knob to hear the wide ranges of tone possibilities like Lo-Fi and spitty type tones, thick and scooped, low and muffled, thick and boosted lead tones, and more.


Dimensions of the metal casing is 4.67″ x 3.68″ x 1.95″. True-bypassed switching. Uses standard 9V DC power (example: Visual Sound One Spot Adapter). Sounds great and compatible with both Electric and Bass Guitar. Completely hand-build, hand-painted, and hand-tested.

Video Demonstration:

Nose Big Fluff Fuzz

Nose Big Fluff Fuzz     Nose Big Fluff Fuzz