Nose Silly Fuzz - Boutique Fuzz or Distortion
Deep & Fuzzy, Warm & Thick, or Bright & Brittle
Bass Stomp Switch To Add Low End
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Nose Pedal Silly Fuzz
Nose Pedal Silly Fuzz
Item# NP-SillyFuzz

What Is The Nose Pedal Silly Fuzz?

The Nose Silly Fuzz, a great versatile pedal in sound and functionality. Built with high quality silicon transistors to make it a “Silicon Fuzz”, this pedal has amazing boutique tone. Use the Gain knob to break up the sound into a distortion or fuzz tone. Then making use of the Tone knob, the fuzz or distortion can be dialed in as deep and fuzzy, warm and thick, to bright and brittle. Finally, the Bass stomp switch adds great low end to any tone that you have dialed in. We’ve added the stomp instead of a toggle to give this pedal more functionality, along with another indicator LED to let you know when the Bass is engaged. No more reaching down to get some deep bass during a live performance, just hit the second stomp with your foot!


Dimensions of the metal casing is 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″. True-bypassed switching. Uses standard 9V DC power (example: Visual Sound One Spot Adapter). Sounds great and compatible with both Electric and Bass Guitar. Completely hand-build, hand-painted, and hand-tested.

Video Demonstration:

Nose Silly Fuzz

Nose Silly Fuzz     Nose Silly Fuzz