The Original DAMPIT Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

The Original DAMPIT Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
Item# DH-Guitar
Suggested Retail: $18.95
Our Low Price: $12.39, 6/$61.99

About this item: This is the original DAMPIT guitar humidifier, the most economical, efficient, and time tested system for keeping your instrument properly humidified and protected from damage caused by low-humidity. This item includes a sound-hole cover and humidity indicator.

The original DAMPIT has been protecting wood instruments for over 40 years. Invented in 1966 by professional violinist and composer Ralph Hollander, the DAMPIT now protects thousands of instruments worldwide.

The DAMPIT raises low humidity, and maintains it, to prevent cracks and restore dry wood.

The DAMPIT is made of the finest materials for years of easy, dependable service.

Avoid the nightmare of cracks in the wood or the finish, warping, and separating joints: get the original DAMPIT today.

Note: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

FAQ: What is the difference between the Original Guitar Dampit and the Super Guitar Dampit?

Answer: The Super Guitar Dampit is slightly shorter in length, but much wider in diameter. Both are constructed using the same quality materials. See the photo below for a comparison:

Original Guitar Dampit      Super Guitar Dampit
The Original Guitar Dampit is shown on the left. The Super Guitar Dampit is on the right. This listing is for the Super Guitar Dampit. Sizes may not be to the correct scale.