Planet Waves Humidipak Replacement 3 Pack PW-HPRP-03

Planet Waves Humidipak Replacement 3 Pack PW-HPRP-03
Item# PW-HPRP-03
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About This Item: This is the New Improved Planet Waves Refill Packet for the Humidipak for Guitar.  The Humidipak is a maintenance-free two-way humidity control system that is perfect for your electric, acoustic, or classical guitar.

Once activated (by opening the foil-sealed package), this unique two-way humidity control system completely eliminates the guesswork and anxiety from maintaining your instrument's proper humidity level.

This package includes one replacement Humidipak gel-packet and is meant for use with the Humidipak pouches (sold separately).

When used as a set, the Humidipak has the ability to provide 27 grams of water, that's enough moisture to completely restore an extremely dry guitar to 45% RH without the risk of over-hydration. At the same time the standard packet can absorb more than 11 grams of water, enough to completely restore a very wet instrument to 45% RH.

No water.  No drips.  No mess.  No fuss.

Eliminates all guesswork.

Replace your gel pack when it is stiff and if difficult to press your fingers into.  A typical gel pack, once activated, should last two to three months (depending on your use and environment).

Manufacturer's Part #: PW-HPRP-03

Note: D'Addario, the owner of the Planet Waves brand, are introducing new packaging for the humidity packets in early 2014. Soon, all packets will show the new branding. An example is shown below:

Humidipak New Packaging