Scratch Pad Black Felt
Reusable Guitar Finish Protector
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Scratch Pad Reusable Guitar Finish Protector In Black
Scratch Pad Reusable Guitar Finish Protector In Black
Item# SP-201
Suggested Retail: $26.95
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About this item: The Scratch Pad is an attractive, non-adhesive, non-abrasive, removable guitar finish protector. It is easy to apply, easy to re-position, and easy to re-apply in just a few seconds.

The Scratch Pad multi-layer design begins with a layer of patented "Sof-Cling" to hold securely to your guitar without the need for adhesives. On top of this is a smooth layer of velveteen that cushions and protects your guitar from rubbing, scratching, and other abrasive contact.

The Scratch Pad is available with several designs, so you can personalize your protection. You can move the Scratch Pad from one guitar to another, or store it by placing back on the stiff plastic backer board it ships with.

This unique protective shield is perfect for guitarists, guitar store showrooms, guitar instruction, school systems, and as a gift for your favorite guitarist.

The dimensions (size & shape) of Scratch Pad have been designed to accommodate the most vulnerable wear areas of all electric and acoustic guitars.

At almost a foot in length, the unique design of Scratch Pad will even protect the unique shape of the 'Flying V' as well as it protects Pauls, Strats, SGs, Telecasters, Jazzcaster, P-Bass, Jazz Bass, acoustics and most any other stringed instrument. If you need to, you can easily trim the pad to fit your unique shape. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors. For product dimensions, see below.

Order your Scratch Pad today and find out why it has been praised by MSNBC,,, and Guitar One Magazine.

Note: A small percentage of guitars are manufactured with a lacquer known as Nitrocellulose. Although not recommended for prolonged exposure, Scratch Pad has been tested and found to be compatible with most nitrocellulose formulas. Consult with your instrument's manufacturer to be sure.

Manufacturer Part #: SP-201

Scratch Pad Dimensions