Shubb Guitar String Winder W1

Shubb Guitar String Winder W1
Item# SH-W1
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About this item: Ergonomic, attractive, durable, and efficient. This new string winder feels good in your hand, and operates smoothly. It resembles a nice chess piece, and is built with several mechanical advantages.

A good string winder saves time when changing strings, making the chore less tedious. Must guitarists already have one. So, why does the world need another? Because finding the tool that works perfectly for you is worth the search.

The Shubb winder is just a little smoother turning, just a little better looking, and feels just a little more natural in your hand.

It does include a bridge pin puller, but only because it could be incorporated without sacraficing the integrity of the handle.

Most string winders have a crank joined to the handle like the one shown at left, below. It's easy to manufacture, but can bind when you turn the handle. The Shubb winder includes a smooth shaft that runs the length of the handle, ensuring a smooth non-binding turning action (see below).

The Shubb W1 Winder. It includes everthing necessary, and nothing else.

center>Shubb W1 Winder Crosscut
Manufacturer Part #: W1