Shubb Transpose & Capo Placement Slide Calculator

Shubb Transpose & Capo Placement Slide Calculator
Item# SH-TG1

About this item: The Shubb TGI Transposing and Capo Guide is a handy pocket sized slide-calculator that quickly shows either chord or note equivalents when transposing from one key to another. Flip it over, and it works as a capo placement guide for changing keys!

Made of durable plastic and held firmly together with rivets, this unique accessory works like the slide rule calculators that were so common before battery operated calculators made their appearance. It's simple, uses no batteries, gives the right answer every time, and is sure to be the talk of your band-mates.

To use the Transposing side, simply move the sliders until the key your song is written in appears on the top left and the key you prefer appears at the top right. The rest of the guide now shows every old chord alongside every new chord to play. See the images below for an example of how easy this is.

Flip the guide over to used it as a capo placement guide. Move the slider until the key of the song appears in the box, and the fretboard shows where to place your capo to play in your prefered key!

Transposing a song to a new key has never been so fast, easy, or portable!

Manufacturer Part #: TGI
List Price: $9.95

Shubb TGI Transposing Guide Capo Placement Calculator

The Capo Placement Guide, on left, shows where to place your capo to play in a new key. The Transposing Guide, right, shows the original key and chords on the left, and the new key and chords on the right.