Source Audio Hot Hand 3
Universal Wireless Motion Control Adapter
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Source Audio Wireless Hot Hand Version 3
Source Audio Wireless Hot Hand Version 3
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What Is The Source Audio Hot Hand 3?

The Source Audio Hot Hand, Version 3, is a universal wireless effects controller. With the Hot Hand V3 you get the freedom to use this amazing expressive controller for many more effects.

Source Audio Hot Hand V3 and Ring

Will This Work With My Pedals?

The receiver features a 1/4" expression pedal output that can be connected to any effects pedal that has an appropriate input jack. This includes any Source Audio pedal with a Sensor Input or Multi-Function Input, or any other manufacturer's pedal with a 1/4" expression input.

In fact, the team at Source Audio headed down to a local music store to try the Hot Hand with a variety of pedals. They tested:

  • Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe & Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion at 0:32
  • Pigtronix Tremvelope at 1:02
  • Eventide PitchFactor at 1:16
  • Boss PS-5 Super Shifter at 1:30
  • Moog Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter at 1:42
  • Line6 DL4 Digital Delay at 2:03
  • Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer at 2:14
  • Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar at 2:36



What Are The Sensor Out Connection and Cable For?

The included sensor cable is used to connect the H3 receiver (using the 1/8" Sensor Out port) to a Soundblox pedal. When you connect the sensor to a Soundblox pedal in this way, the receiver needs no other power connection.

How Do I Connect This To A Non-Source Audio Pedal?

To connect the H3 to a pedal other than one manufactured by Source Audio, use the included power supply and connect the receiver to the expression pedal input on your pedal using a standard 1/4" cable.

What Are The Depth And Smooth Dials For?

By default, these knobs have no effect on the operation of the H3 or on the signal sent to the effects pedal. This is because most Source Audio pedals have controls for adjusting the operation of a Wireless Hot Hand. However, you can activate these knobs by selecting the appropriate output mode (details are described in the User's Guide).

Once configured, the Depth knob can vary the range of the H3 signal. This means you control if the ring must move in a wide arc or a small arc for maximum variation in signal. The Smooth knob controls how sensitive the H3 is to any movement: the max setting is for the least amount of response (that is, the most smooth response during movement).

What If My Pedal Uses A Unique Expression Input?

The designers at Source Audio thought about you! You can configure the H3 sensor's expression output to work with a number of variations: Normal Mode is for Source Audio (and many other pedals); Reverse Mode works with many Korg pedals and some other manufacturers; Line 6 mode is a special mode for Line 6 effects and stomp boxes, which requires a TS (mono) cable instead of a TRS (stereo) cable.

What Is Included In The Box?

You get all of the following:

  • Hot Hand wireless sensor ring
  • Receiver base station
  • DC adapter power supply (used for ring charging and/or as an external power supply for the receiver unit)
  • SA160 sensor cable
  • Hot Hand V3 User's Guide

Source Audio Hot Hand V3 Connections