ZVEX Effects Vextron Mastotron Fuzz
Heavy Silicone Fuzz Design
Source Impedance Control, Subs Control, Pulse Width Control
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ZVEX Effects Vextron Mastotron Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal
ZVEX Effects Vextron Mastotron Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal
Item# ZV-Mastotron

The ZVEX Effects Vextron Mastotron Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal is equally at home with electric or bass guitar, and can be used quite effectively with recorders and keyboards. The Mastotron provides six controls for exactly the dialed-in fuzz tone you demand.


Volume: Louder to the right, quieter to the left.

Subs Switch: 2-1-3, Set the amount of Subs content in your fuzz. 3 is huge, 2 is medium, 1 is "absolutely none left" (try with the tone turned down).

Tone: Shape the treble without sacrificing the heavy subs.

PW: Pulse Width Control. You can swing this from square wave on the left, to narrow pulses on the right.

Fuzz: This wide-range knob lets you set just how fuzzy your Mastotron gets.

Relax - Push: This knob introduces source impedance to the signal entering the Mastotron. When fully up, the signal goes in raw. When turned down the source impedance is added "as needed" to soften the input for active pickups.


This device can be powered for long periods of time with a 9 volt battery, as the power draw is only about 1mA. You can also choose to use a DC power supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative) for high-gain effects.

Warranty: Z.Vex Effects provides a one-year warranty.

Manufacturer ID: Mastotron