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Shubb C3G Capo Royale for 12-String Guitar, Gold Look


Shubb C3G Capo Royale for 12-String Guitar, Gold Look

$ 26.99

The Shubb C3G Capo Royale for 12-String Guitar, features a high-tech titanium finish yielding a real gold look. Shubb's titanium finish is as durable as any metal finish you will find.

The C3G is intended for use with 12-string guitars.

2.25" Wide, Curved 
Fits steel-stringed guitars with wide fretboard

Note: Almost all steel string guitars have a radiused fretboard. There may be an occasional steel string with a flat fretboard, but they are rare; perhaps on custom built instruments. For these rare instruments, the Shubb model 2 (“for Nylon String guitar”) is the right choice.While the radii on steel string guitar fretboards are not all identical, they are well within the Shubb Capo’s range for a good fit. This is because its proprietary sleeve material is engineered to be ultra resilient; it conforms to the fretboard’s shape, while cushioning and pushing back on the strings … just like your finger does!

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