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AirTurn PEDpro 2 Pedal - Bluetooth Wireless iOS Controller


AirTurn PEDpro 2 Pedal - Bluetooth Wireless iOS Controller

$ 79.00

New and Improved! Now rechargeable, the Airturn PEDpro is ready to work as soon as you take it out of the box. Just connect to your Bluetooth 4.0 phone, tablet or computer and select a compatible app!

No more purchasing batteries as the PEDpro comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 150 hours on a charge and will recharge with a standard wall charger that comes with your phone or tablet.

For the customer who wants more control over response times, repeat functions, or would like to customize their own signals, the AirTurn Manager for iOS can adjust all this over the air. Need to update the firmware down the road? You can do that too!

Features include:

• Two membrane touch foot switches for fast and quiet response

• Keyboard toggle for virtual keyboard access for some iOS apps

• Red and Blue LEDs show battery and Bluetooth connection status

• Lithium battery lasts 150 hours on a charge (2000 charge cycles)

• Six different modes designed for different uses

• Fully customizable controls to work with just about any app

• Over-the-Air updates for the latest version of firmware and features

• MicroUSB charging cable included to use with your USB charger

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