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Lava Cable - 10 Solder-Free Right Angle Nickel Plugs For Mini ELC Cable (LCRPLG-10)

Lava Cable

Lava Cable - 10 Solder-Free Right Angle Nickel Plugs For Mini ELC Cable (LCRPLG-10)

$ 75.00

Genuine Lava Cable Solder-Free Right Angle Nickel Plugs For Mini ELC Cable, 10 count (Item LCRPLG-10).

Save on our ten-pack of Lava Right-Angle solder free nickel plugs for Mini-ELC cable.

Order extra Lava Right-Angle Mini-ELC Plugs so you can create exactly the pedalboard setup you need. Lava Mini-ELC cable is sold separately.

The Lava Solder-Free Right-Angle Nickel Lava-Plug(TM) is one of the smallest DIY right-angle plugs on the market!  It features an innovative grounding sleeve for improved reliability and the lowest capacitance of any pedal board plug on the market!

Make exclusively for the Lava Mini ELC low capacitance cable, you can now order extra Right-Angle Lava-Plugs to make use of all of your mini ELC cable. More plugs for more pedals!

Unlike any other similar product on the market, the Lava Cable and Plug were designed together as a matched pair using a special grounding sleeve instead of set screw for the ground connection to significantly increase reliability and provide the best possible connection using solder-free plug technology.

The housing of the Lava PlugTM was also designed to be as small as possible to enable pedal spacing as close as 7/8th" dependent on how your pedals are set next to each other.

With only four easy steps for assembly, the Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit is the ideal choice for any musician wanting reliability and uncompromising tone with virtually no signal loss.

How to assemble the Lava Cable Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit:

  1. Slide the round housing on the cable.
  2. Strip outer jacket back 7/16" using the included wire stripper.
  3. Slide on a grounding sleeve.
  4. Insert the grounding sleeve into the plug and screw the two together.


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