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Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp Stereo Pack


Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp Stereo Pack

$ 129.99

The Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp Stereo Pack is an innovative mini amp pack which packs all the great tones of Blackstar products into one compact, portable, stereo amplifier set – perfect for practice at home or when on the go. You can plug in your phone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet into the FLY 3 BASS and jam along to your favorite songs.

The stereo pack includes the FLY 3 BASS mini amp and the FLY 103 Bass extension Cab. This kit also includes the PSU-1 Power Supply so you don't need batteries when an outlet is available..

The combination of FLY 3 Bass amp and FLY 103 Extension Cab creates a stereo sound for your guitar playing and music; a perfect combination for creating big sound and great tone while jamming, it also gives great output when used with other devices via the MP3 / LINE IN socket.


  • 6 Watts
  • Clean & Overdrive Channels
  • Bass EQ
  • Compressor
  • SUB control for amazing low-end
  • 3" speaker delivers true Blackstone bass tones
  • Headphone/Speaker Emulated Line Out for silent practice or recording
  • Battery (not included) or DC powered (power supply included)
  • MP3/Line In for jamming and listening to music
  • Revolutionary sonic performance

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