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Catalinbread Echorec (Multi-head Drum Echo Emulation)


Catalinbread Echorec (Multi-head Drum Echo Emulation)

$ 239.99

The Catalinbread Echorec (Multi-head Drum Echo Emulation) is a faithful resurrection of the legendary Binson ECHOREC multi-head drum echo, the driving force behind Pink Floyd's Pompeii performance.

The Binson Echorec was so cool Catalinbread had no choice but to bring it back. And they wanted to bring it back right... to take all the goodness of that huge Binson Echorec and squeeze it down into a standard sized stompbox without losing anything. In fact, in addition to not losing any of the qualities that made it such a compelling musical device, they wanted to EXTEND its capabilities because the original Binson hinted at possibilities that it couldn’t realize. We’re talking about variable delay time! They thought, “What if we had the same four playback head concept but could stretch the delay time out beyond the 300mS of the original Binson?” Then the rhythmic patterns suggested by the various combinations of those four playback heads could really come to life!

Note: Due to the value of this item we may require that an adult be present to accept delivery.

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