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Cleartone 7612 Light 12-53 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings


Cleartone 7612 Light 12-53 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings

$ 14.99

Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Strings are far different than coated strings you’ve used in the past.

Cleartone acoustic strings start off with premium 80/20 bronze construction, then add the award winning and patented Cleartone Treatment. At only one micron thin, there is no flaking, no slippery feel or dampened tone. All strings in a set feature the Cleartone Treatment for long life and pure tone without compromises.

3-5 Times longer string life
36% greater volume than other coated strings
Change Strings less often!
Not coated strings, Treated strings. No flaking!
Natural feel.
Made in the USA

Give your guitar the treatment it deserves and make the switch to Cleartone Strings, the #1 leading brand in treated strings.

Pure Tone. No Compromises. USA made.

Gauges: 12 16 25 33 43 53

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