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Cornerstone Music Gear Sparkle Touch Sensitive Dynamic Overdrive Pedal

Cornerstone Music

Cornerstone Music Gear Sparkle Touch Sensitive Dynamic Overdrive Pedal

$ 199.00

The Sparkle overdrive has been designed out of a need for a super touch sensitive overdrive that could exactly follow the playing of the guitarist without having to turn any knob during songs; the design goal we wanted to achieve was to create an extremely easy to use still dramatic versatile overdrive.

Looking at the controls, there are Volume, Gain, Bass and Treble.

The Volume control acts as a master output level control.

The Gain control determines the gain factor of the amplification stage within the pedal and it dials with in overdrive as turned clockwise. For low gain settings the Sparkle turn into an awesome transparent overdrive, adding just a bit of grit.

The Bass and Treble controls manage the frequency response of the pedal. Both at noon create a totally flat frequency response, covering the entire guitar frequencies spectrum. Adjusting these tone controls, the sound always stays full and well-defined without getting muddy or gloomy. These tone controls let the Sparkle give always its best with every guitar or amp.

The 9v/18v switch allows the guitarist to choose which voltage the circuit would be supplied with, still using the same external power supply. At the 18v mode, the pedal offers a lot more headroom than the standard 9v, which is extremely useful for all guitars with powerful pickups.

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