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Danelectro Battery Billionaire (BAT-1)


Danelectro Battery Billionaire (BAT-1)

$ 49.00

Danelectro’s Vintage Battery Billionaire (BAT-1) produces superior pedal tone by delivering power to the circuit very differently than conventional batteries and supplies.

Juicy tone from vintage 1960’s style batteries! (DC supplies and alkaline batteries eat your tone.) Danelectro®’s vintage batteries offer superior tone to most pedals. 4 x 9 volt outputs. Quick battery change with easy open lid. “Kill switch” cuts power to all 4 DC outputs (no need to unplug input cables from pedals). Includes 4 DC cable, 4 Danelectro® 9 volt vintage batteries. Feed your pedals something they like!

  • Easy battery change
  • “Kill” switch cuts power to all pedals to conserve battery life
  • Includes 4 dc cables & 4 9V vintage batteries
  • Small footprint

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