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Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 900 Bass Head - Excellent

Darkglass Electronics

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 900 Bass Head - Excellent

$ 999.99

Great opportunities come along every once in a while, and this Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 900 Bass Head is in excellent condition is certainly one.

Once upon a time there was a budding bass guitar player who decided that great gear was the key to becoming a great bassist. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that great tone and playing ability is less about the gear than hard work. Having no driving desire to invest the time all of that gear became available for others to use as they improved their craft.

This sale includes the Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 900 Bass Head, the original Footswitch, all original cables and paperwork. We even have the original box! Now is your chance to give this great bass head the proper home it deserves.

Notes: Due to cost, this item will require an adult to confirm final delivery. We may choose to use either the USPS or UPS for delivery, depending on your location.

Standard Product Description follows:

The Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega 900 Bass Head takes the best elements of Darkglass' most successful distortion preamplifier, adds state of the art features to make a monstrous 900-watt amplifier with earth-shattering tone.

Darkglass' signature Alpha and Omega (A/O) drive engines add incredible girth and size to the overdriven signal, the studio-grade VCA compressor adds an extra layer of control, and the ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equalizer sculpts the tone from aggressive and overdriven to crystal clear clean. PLUS MIDI programmability and impulse response cabinet simulation (up to three different storable virtual cabinets) plus auxiliary input and headphone output for silent practicing.

Front Panel:

Input: Instrument in (standard ¼” mono cable)

Active/Passive: Select passive/active mode. An active bass can have a hotter signal making the amp distort early (desired by some)

Distortion: On/off for the A/O Engine adds natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement, & saturation ranging from mild overdrive to high gain bass rage. (A/O Engine operates before the clean section. Use the 6-Band Active EQ for additional tone shaping).

Bite: Boost high mids (2.8kHz) for additional presence & definition

Growl: Shelving Bass Boost for fatter tone/increased low end saturation.

Compression: Controls the amount of dynamic compression added to the A/O Engine. Make up gain adjusted automatically. Compression can be turned off or assigned using the Darkglass Suite.

Drive: Control the distortion the A/O Engine delivers. Ranges from soft, warm overdrive to massive & modern distortion sound.

Level: A/O Engine output volume.

Blend: Mix between Clean signal & Distortion signal (A/O Engine).

Mod: Select/mix between the two distinct distortion circuits: Alpha is punchy, tight, lots of definition; Omega is brutal & raw.

Gain: Change signal volume before the Active 6 Band EQ. Low for the cleanest operation, high for a more aggressive growl.

Bass: +-12dB at 80Hz. Control the low-end content of the signal.

Mids: +-12dB at 250, 500, 1.5K and 3Khz. Control the mid content of the signal.

Treble: +-12dB at 5kHz. Change the high content of the signal.

Master: Control overall volume.

Mute: Mute the amp.

Dimensions: 10.5”l x 2.75”h x 10”w Weight: 6.39Lbs


  • The A/O 900 can deliver more than 115 dB of power. Exposure to this level of sound can damage your hearing. Use proper hearing protection if you will be exposed.
  • The A/O 900 can deliver more than 900 Watts. Be sure your speaker cabinet is able to handle that power. Reduce the output of the amp by selecting the 2Ω mode on the rear panel (by the SpeakON output jack).

Back Panel:

Speaker Output: Connects the amp to your cabinet. Accepts Speakon or ¼” speaker cable. Outputs are connected in parallel.

WARNING: Use of an instrument cable with this jack can damage your amp.

Min-Load: Press when using a 2Ω load. Use this control to lower the output if your 4Ω cabinet is unable to handle more than 500W (you can also get 350W with an 8Ω cabinet in this configuration).

Send: Output to effects pedals.

Return: Input from effects pedals. Master volume control is after this input.

Ground Lift: Lift the ground of the DI XLR outputs. Change this setting if you experience ground noise in your DI signal.

Pre DI Output: Send a balanced copy of your input signal to recording equipment, mixer etc. Output is latency compensated to match with the Post DI Output

Post DI Output: Output signal is after distortion, EQ & effects loop, and processed through the cabinet simulation engine. Output is latency compensated with the Pre DI Output, and not affected by the master volume.

USB: Allows use of the Darkglass Suite to load cabinet impulses or change parameters (midi, compressor, etc.).

Headphone Output: Connect Headphones.

Headphone Volume: Controls headphone volume.

Aux In: Provide Headphone output music from your laptop, cellphone, mp3 player, etc.

Cabinet Select: Switches between 3 different cabinet impulses, bypass this section for a rawer sound. Hold button to enter MIDI Learn mode & choose MIDI channel.

MIDI: The midi input allows: change channels, toggle the mute and compressor, select cabinet simulation slot with any standard MIDI device. Both Program Change & Control Change commands can be used.

Footswitch: The Intelligent Footswitch is a proprietary digitally controlled device to remotely engage & disengage the A/O Engine.

Hold the footswitch to Mute the amp. The distortion push button remains operational with the Intelligent Footswitch plugged in.

  • Use a regular mono instrument cable to connect the amp to the footswitch.
  • You must remove the cable from the rear panel footswitch jack in if you want to control the amp from the front panel.

AC Socket: Power input.

AC Power ON/OFF: Release audio energy from your bass.

Specifications subject to change without notice

The manufacturer claims this product fulfills the requirements set by EN55013, EN55020, EN60555-2, EN60555-3, RoHS, WEEE

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