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Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron Bass Preamp & Distortion

Darkglass Electronics

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron Bass Preamp & Distortion

$ 219.99

With the double distortion engine (Alpha and Omega), the Darkglass Engineering Alpha Omicron Bass Distortion & Preamp pedal delivers unparalleled versatility, harmonic rich and bone-crushing sound. Designed for bassists in need of a preamplifier to be distinctively heard in any musical context.

Comes with a FREE compatible power supply! (While supplies last)


Blend: Mixes the clean and processed signals. The clean signal remains at unity gain while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the Level knob, allowing for fine mix tuning.

Level: Sets the volume of the overdriven signal.

Drive: Sets the amount of gain in the overdriven signal.

Mod: Selects or mixes between the two distinct distortion circuits: Alpha is punchy, tight with a lot of definition, whereas Omega is simply brutal and raw.

Bite Switch: Boosts High Mids (2.8kHz) for additional presence and definition.

Growl Switch: Shelving Bass Boost for a fatter tone and increased low end saturation.

Width 75 mm (2.95 in)
Height 111 mm (4.37 in)
Depth 45 mm (1,77 in)

Power: The Alpha Omicron has a current draw of 20mA. Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug. Due to ecological reasons it does not accept batteries. Warning: Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty.


In the interest of continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at www.darkglass.com.

Note: Due to the value of the Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron Bass Preamp & Distortion, we may require an adult to accept final delivery.

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