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Elixir 11182 Nanoweb HD Light 13-53 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


Elixir 11182 Nanoweb HD Light 13-53 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

$ 15.99

When Taylor Guitars wanted a set of strings that produced bolder highs and fuller lows than other sets, they turned to Elixir for the answer. Working together, they produced the HD series of strings.

These strings start with 80/20 bronze for a nice, rich shimmer on the high end and a rich, broad warmth overall. Then they blended Elixir light- and medium-gauge strings with a custom .025 gauge third string (a standard light-gauge G string is a .024; the medium is a .026) to create the unique HD set. The string gauging mix is: .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053.

Next, they choose Elixir's NANOWEB® Coating. NANOWEB® coated strings sound and feel like uncoated strings – they are bright and lively, and the coating is so micro thin that you can barely tell it’s there. This ultra-thin coating prevents contamination and corrosion from invading the string's Critical Zone of Tone.

The Taylor Guitars product development team liked the new strings so much they made the decision to install them on all of Taylor's steel-string models for 2014. The great news for you is: they sound amazing on many acoustic guitars, so you get the benefit of this unique HD combination.

Try a set of Elixir HD strings and see how they create an ideal tone profile across the bridge, with increased tension of the treble strings for articulation, plus an overall balanced voice through the bass strings to create a warmer, full sound.

  • Bolder, stronger high end
  • Fuller, warmer low end
  • Balanced voice across all strings
  • .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053

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