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ErgoPlay Professional Guitar Support (Right Handed)


ErgoPlay Professional Guitar Support (Right Handed)

$ 48.95

ErgoPlay invented this remarkable guitar rest that brings ergonomic assistance to your guitar playing.

"Not only must the guitar player adapt to his instrument, but also the instrument to its guitar player!"

That's where the ErgoPlay guitar support comes in. The ErgoPlay guitar support builds a bridge between the musician and his instrument.


You benefit in multiple ways:
  • Both feet stay on the floor.
  • Your back is straight, with a proper center of the gravity.
  • You sit naturally. No twisting or bending
  • Your arms are more relaxed.
  • Adjustable support to match the neck angle to your natural position.
  • Foam padding for increased comfort.
  • Non-mar rubber suction cups securely grip your guitar
  • Easy to follow instructions included.

The ErgoPlay ensures that bottom of the guitar is not dampened by your body, and that the guitar directly faces to the listener, yielding a ideal sound pattern.

The ErgoPlay professional is a sturdy, solid metal support that ensures beginners use the correct position, and helps to reduce stress and strain for all players.

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