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Ernie Ball Super Guitar Strap Lock - Black Finish (4601)

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Super Guitar Strap Lock - Black Finish (4601)

$ 18.79

Ernie Ball knows how much craftsmanship goes into the guitars and basses you play. That`s why they make strap locks extra secure to hold your guitar in place. Your focus should be on the music, not whether or not your guitar strap will be able to hold your beloved guitar. The Super Strap Lock could save you a lot of money, time, and energy in instrument repair bills. With a simple installation process and inexpensive cost, Ernie Ball Super Locks keep your guitar or bass safe and sound.  Guitar strap locks are one of the most important guitar accessories you can buy.

There are many different guitar strap lock designs out there, but Ernie Ball`s push-button quick release design is simple to use and quite sturdy.  Super Locks come in three different colors to match whatever style you are trying to achieve. The black super lock is made from durable black oxide finished steel. The silver super lock is made from nickel plated steel. The gold super lock is made from gold plated steel.  (Check our listings for availability of each color).

All Ernie Ball Super Locks feature robust mechanics that provide a 360 degree secure connection. Super Locks come in sets of two with all the hardware you need.  The pilot hole measures a diameter of 7/64 inches and 1 1/2 inches deep. They fit all standard sized guitar straps and work for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, whatever you have!

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