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JHS Pedals Ruby Red Butch Walker Signature Multi-Capability Pedal

JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals Ruby Red Butch Walker Signature Multi-Capability Pedal

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The Ruby Red is a collaboration JHS Pedals and one of their favorite artists, producers, and writers in the industry, Butch Walker. Walker is best known for his breakout work in the Marvelous 3, as well as his long list of producing successes afterward such as: Pete Yorn, Pink, The Academy Is, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Fallout Boy, Ryan Adams, and many more. As one of the busiest and most in-demand guys in the industry, when he isn't in the studio, he’s on a stage. Butch contacted JHS to let them know that he loved the SuperBolt and had been using it in session after session. JHS started a conversation about his live rig for upcoming dates, and the rest is history. He needed one pedal that could do everything he needed and do it in the simplest and easiest way possible. Primarily playing a cranked Deluxe Reverb and depending on his guitar’s volume control for much of his dynamics, the pedal had to respond like an amp as well as feel like it was an extension of his amp. This is how the Ruby Red was created.

The left side of the pedal is a SuperBolt overdrive. With a volume, tone, and drive control that let’s you shape it as you desire. The Volume is a standard master volume, and it lets you cut or boost the overall output level of the effect. The Tone control gives you the ability to brighten or darken the overall tone of the circuit, and the Drive control is the amount of dirt created inside the circuit. The left toggle switch "+" adds more sag, compression, and gain to the circuit when desired and the left footswitch is the on/off switch for the SuperBolt giving you True Bypass operation of the effect. The right side of the pedal is a custom two-stage boost circuit that is perfect for slamming the front end of the SuperBolt or hitting your amp and creating natural breakup. The far right Boost knob controls the overall amount of boost in the circuit. The right toggle is an "order toggle" that lets you choose the order of the two effects (SuperBolt > Boost or Boost > SuperBolt) for personal preference and versatility. No matter what style music you play, the Ruby Red is a powerful tone shaping tool that will offer you everything from tone enhancement to boost, overdrive, distortion, and even fuzz.

Walker has stated that he is "Excited about my new signature pedal that the good folks at JHS Pedals made for me," and that was the first prototype! Walker said that after he received the prototype he used it "ALL DAY LONG on the new Brian Fallon record I'm producing. It sounds amazing and it will be available to the public soon. If you liked my sound on the last tour, this is the backbone of it."

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