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Korg OT120 Chromatic Band And Multi-Instrument Orchestral Tuner


Korg OT120 Chromatic Band And Multi-Instrument Orchestral Tuner

$ 95.99

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The Korg OT120 is ideal for anyone who needs to tune a variety of instruments. This chromatic multi-instrument tuner can help tune any instrument. The OT-120 Orchestral Tuner spans an ultra-wide 8-octave detection range. It includes a transpose function that allows brass and wind players to tune in their original key, plus multiple temperaments support historic tunings.

Patent Pending Sound Back Function
The Sound Back (Patent Pending) mode provides a reference tuning tone from C2-C7. The OT120 provides a reference tone pitched at the note closest to the input signal, and the difference is shown on the display.

Korg OT120 Orchestral Tuner
The OT120 includes an analog needle (with three response times) Bright LED indicators, and a backlit LCD so that you get an easy-to-use and easy-to-see tuner for any instrument. The OT120 features a self-contained stand for extra convenience and visibility.

You can adjust the calibration setting from 349-499Hz, and the tuner includes both auto and manual tuning modes.

A line input is provided, as well as a built-in microphone. The tuner will run for up to 100 hours on 2 AA batteries (batteries included). Plus, a soft case is included to protect your tuner in desk drawers or while traveling.

Overview Of Features:

  • Chromatic tuner with ultra-wide 8-octave detection range; broad (349-499 Hz) Calibration range
  • Transpose function for brass & wind players; multiple temperaments for historic tunings
  • Analog needle (3 response times), LEDs, and backlit LCD provides high visibility
  • Line input; Built-in mic and Sound Out (C2-C7) sound out mode for tuning acoustically
  • 100 hour (approx.) battery life with 2 x AA alkaline (included)
  • Includes soft carry case.

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