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Kyser Quick-Clip Magnetic Chromatic Guitar Tuner


Kyser Quick-Clip Magnetic Chromatic Guitar Tuner

$ 18.95

The Kyser Quick-Clip features an easy to use and accurate chromatic tuner which seamlessly attaches to existing full-size Kyser Quick-Change capos magnetically.

Having the Quick-Clip attached to your capo eliminates the need to have multiple items clamped to your guitar.  The Kyser Quick-Clip will keep you in tune if you are using the capo on a fret or if the capo is simply parked on your headstock. Residing on the capo or attached to the headstock, this compact tuner is practically hidden. 

The Quick-Clip tuner is held in place by a powerful magnet and is adjustable by 360° and the screen can flip to accommodate left-handed guitarists.  Plus, the tuner is easily detachable from the capo when not needed.

Kyser Quick-Clip Highlights:

  • Tune while the capo is on the strings or the headstock
  • Screen flips and rotates 360-degrees
  • Easy on/off with one hand
  • Quick activation with a simple press of your finger or palm
  • Precision Tuning: +/- 1 cent
  • Typically not visible to the audience
  • Bright LED Screen (Orange=Out of tune; Green=In tune)
  • Quick attachment/detachment using strong magnet
  • CR2032 battery included.

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