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LOXX 13649 Gold Strap Locks (Pair) For Electric or Bass Guitar

Ernie Ball

LOXX 13649 Gold Strap Locks (Pair) For Electric or Bass Guitar

$ 31.99

Unlike other strap lock systems, LOXX combines great design with thoughtful presentation and outstanding instrument protection. This unique, German engineered design with its inner spring and high-grade materials keeps your instrument safe while retaining its ease of use - even under the most extreme conditions.

Solves common strap-lock problems

No more struggling to fit a lock to your strap. No more nuts and washers falling on stage halfway through the performance. LOXX has a one handed "easy on - easy off" engage and release action, Yet can resist a pull-out force of over 220 lbs. LOXX strap lock system is rust proof, and offer (3) year warranty. This, combined with its ability to cover a broad range of strap sizes and thickness, makes it the most advanced and effective strap lock design available.

Included in the package

Your LOXX strap lock system includes two strap-lock buttons & sure-grip button fasteners to firmly grip your strap, one multi- purpose tool for installation, two fastening screws, two fabric washers for ultimate protection of your instrument finish, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Quick and Easy Installation

In our experience, most people can install LOXX strap locks in less than five minutes using only a philips head screwdriver (to remove the existing strap-buttons and install the LOXX screw) and the included LOXX multi-tool. If you ever lose the multi-tool, simply use a 9mm wrench.

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