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Mission Engineering Line 6 Expression Pedal Red Chassis (EP1-L6 in Red)

Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering Line 6 Expression Pedal Red Chassis (EP1-L6 in Red)

$ 123.95

This is the Mission Engineering Line 6 Expression pedal in a blazing red chassis (EP1-L6-RD, Version 2.0*).

The Mission EP1-L6 is a high quality, all metal, vintage style expression pedal that is the perfect complement to your Line 6 amps and effects. Great for wah, whammy and many others, the EP1-L6 is engineered to work straight out of the box with any of the Line 6 expression pedal and compatible products (products which use a mono (TS) cable for the expression input should work). Check out the full list of compatible devices below or on the Mission Engineering Support site.

The Mission Engineering Line 6 Expression Pedal is built with the same all aluminum and stainless steel construction and highest quality components, that have made Mission pedals respected worldwide for their performance and reliability. This pedal features a non slip rubber pedal surface, and base plate with the Mission and Line 6 logos and ‘Line 6 by Mission’ lettering.

The EP1-L6 features a reliable high quality sealed potentiometer. The EP1-L6 is a full-range sweep expression pedal built to last. Mission Engineering delivers one great expression pedal expressly engineered for compatibility with Line 6 amps and effects.

The first thing you will notice about your new Mission Expression pedal is that it is built like a tank. Once plugged in you will agree that this pedal performs flawlessly, just the way you expect. The smooth travel arc gives you controllable response from 0 to 100% output. Expression pedals don't get any better than this for your Line 6 equipment.

For modern control with a vintage vibe .... Get on a Mission.

* What is the importance of stating that these are version 2.0 pedals?  The original EP1 Line 6 pedals (version 1.0) used a 20K Ohm pot.  There were some Line 6 devices that did not work well with that design.  The pedal design has since been updated and all v.2.0 EP1-L6's are fitted with a 10K potentiometer that is compatible with all Line 6 devices.  Bottom line: if you need an expression pedal for your Line 6 device, THIS is the pedal for you!



External Power

  • None: The EP1-L6 is a passive device.
  • Dimensions

    • Base length at longest point: 9.9”
    • Base width at widest point: 4.0”
    • Height at highest point including feet: 3.25”
    • Pedal length: 8.7”
    • Pedal width at widest point: 3.0”
    • Pedal width at narrowest point: 2.3”
    • Weight: 3.5lbs

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