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Nose Pedal Little True Bypass Looper - Compact True Bypass Maker

Nose Pedal

Nose Pedal Little True Bypass Looper - Compact True Bypass Maker

$ 89.99

At just over four inches long, the Nose Little True Bypass Looper is a small and very useful device.

The Nose Little True Bypass Looper allows you to create three effects "loops" that can instantly be activated or deactivated. Simply connect the Looper into your effects chain. Then connect your chosen effects to the looped in and out connections on the Looper pedal. When activated, your signal passes through your chosen effects. When deactivated, your pedals are bypassed!

You can fit three different loops into one Little True Byapss Looper, making this possibly the smallest effects chain controller on the market. Equipped with these three loops and active/inactive LED lights, there are many ways to use this affordable pedal. Use one to isolate three pedals or three groups of pedals.

Because the Little Looper pedal completely isolates your chosen effects when deactivated you can turn pedals that aren't true bypassed into true bypassed pedal at the click of a switch! Create custom sounds with multiple pedals in your loops, and still hear the true tone and volume of your amp by bypassing large numbers of effects.

The Nose Little Looper weighs only thirteen ounces and is a passive pedal (no power required). Connecting the Little Looper to power allows the LED's to indicate when the pedal is activated.

The Nose Little Looper is compatible with all effects pedals.

Footprint: 5 1/4" long (including the connectors, 2 5/8ths wide.
1 1/2" tall without the footswitch's and 2 3/8ths tall with the footswitch's.


Note: Nose and Westminster Effects pedals are hand painted. They don't use fancy robots or assembly line laser beams. Slight imperfections are evidence that real people were involved in the making of your pedal.

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