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Nose Micro Volume Black-Out Pedal - Open Box (CMV)

Nose Pedal

Nose Micro Volume Black-Out Pedal - Open Box (CMV)

$ 26.99 $ 34.99

This Nose Micro Volume Black-Out Pedal is an Open Box Custom version of their compact volume pedal (Item CMV) that was purchased, then returned without a box. It's in perfect condition. No scratches. No marks. It's only missing the original box. Grab it now before it's gone!

Standard product description follows:

The Nose Micro Volume Black-Out Pedal is the perfect stealth guitar pedal board volume control, (Item #CMV)

This pedal is a fully functional volume pedal with both signal in and signal out 1/4″ jack connections. It’s great if you need a small volume pedal for a small pedalboard, and it’s PERFECT if you need an extra volume pedal at the end of your signal chain to control the overall volume of your entire board, or to cut all of your sound (hanging delays, reverb, effects) quickly while you are playing.

The Micro Volume also acts as a fully functional expression pedal for pedals that require a volume pedal for an expression pedal like the Seymour Duncan SFX-10 Deja Vu Tap Tempo Delay.


Note: Nose and Westminster Effects pedals are hand painted. They don't use fancy robots or assembly line laser beams. Slight imperfections are evidence that real people were involved in the making of your pedal.

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