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Nose Multi Tap Tempo Pedal - Works with Boss DD-7 DD-5 RC-2 & more (MTT)

Nose Pedal

Nose Multi Tap Tempo Pedal - Works with Boss DD-7 DD-5 RC-2 & more (MTT)

$ 34.99

The Nose Multi Tap Tempo Pedal (MTT) is a single switch tap-tempo with 3 pedal outputs. The MTT allows you to tap and/or synchronize one, two or three pedals at the same time. Tapping is critical for single delays. Sync'ing the tap is great for multiple delays. Tapping is also very useful when Loop Stations, LFO start/stop, or certain other pedals that allow tap to set a specific effect (phase, pitch, echo, etc. depending on your pedal). The MTT uses TS (Mono) 1/4 plugs for the connection. The Nose Multi-Tap Tempo pedal is passive. Plug in and you're ready!


  • 2 Normally Closed (NC) Outputs, 1 Normally Open (NO) Output
  • The NC outputs work for Boss devices, including the DD-5, DD-7, DD-20, RC-2, and RC-3, or any other pedal that requires a normally closed switch.
  • The NO output works with any device that requires a normally open tap. Most brands other than Boss use a normally open tap.
  • Compact and lightweight (7 ounces).


Note: Nose and Westminster Effects pedals are hand painted. They don't use fancy robots or assembly line laser beams. Slight imperfections are evidence that real people were involved in the making of your pedal.

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