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Nose AA Ron V2 Swappable Overdrive Distortion And Boost Pedal

Nose Pedal

Nose AA Ron V2 Swappable Overdrive Distortion And Boost Pedal

$ 199.99

You done messed up if the V2 AA-Ron hasn’t made its way into your rig.

The latest Nose AA-Ron Swappable Overdrive and Boost Pedal includes a tweaked circuit for additional clarity, but still retains the user-controlled two switchable diode clipping options.

But killer tone isn't yours until you control the order of effects, and the V2 AA-Ron includes an "Order Swapper" switch so you can select the order of effect processing: place the boost before the overdrive, or choose to place the overdrive before the boost!

The V2 AA-Ron also now features soft touch relay bypass switching, making this a premium overdrive and boost that can act as a simple sweetener or make your guitar sound insubordinate and churlish.


  • Overdrive and Boost in one compact pedal
  • Two switchable clipping options
  • Order Swapper switch (choose boost before or after overdrive)
  • Soft-touch bypass switch
  • Dials for Drive, Body, Boost, and Volume
  • Overdrive "clip" switch
  • Separate Drive and Boost Activation Switches
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Chassis: Deep Blue.

Note: Due to the value of this item we may require that an adult be present to accept delivery.


Note: Nose and Westminster Effects pedals are hand painted. They don't use fancy robots or assembly line laser beams. Slight imperfections are evidence that real people were involved in the making of your pedal.

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