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Nose Pedal Secret Mute Switch with LED Indicator

Nose Pedal

Nose Pedal Secret Mute Switch with LED Indicator

$ 34.99

Simple but useful. The Nose Pedal Secret Mute Switch can quickly kill your signal at the end of your chain. Mute it at the beginning of the chain for silent guitar change, or add it after a leaky volume pedal that just doesn’t want to turn all the way off. Regardless of your application, the Secret Mute is your key to silence.

This version of the Secret Mute Switch lights a "cool-white" (slightly blue shaded white) LED when the pedal switch is pressed.

This Secret Mute is passive but requires power for the LED to function. This is a TS pedal. A TRS version is available as a custom order. Contact us for details.

Power (optional, for LED):  Most center negative power supplies will work. The only thing that's powered is the LED, so it can be as little as 4V or as much as 18V.


  • Instantly mutes, and stays muted until you switch it on (latching switch)
  • Unlit LED indicates signal flow, Cool-blue LED for mute on
  • True Bypass when not muted.
  • TS connectors standard
  • 4-18v Power is optional (to light the LEDs)


Note: Nose and Westminster Effects pedals are hand painted. They don't use fancy robots or assembly line laser beams. Slight imperfections are evidence that real people were involved in the making of your pedal.

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