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Peavey BTS 5.35 Bluetooth Speaker, #03017330


Peavey BTS 5.35 Bluetooth Speaker, #03017330

$ 154.99

We needed to do some work outside of the office, and everyone knows that work goes much easier when you can "whistle while you work." Well, we're done, and now we're making the Peavey BTS 5.35 Bluetooth Speaker, Item #03017330, available to you at a great price.

By the way, here's a short take on our experience with the BTS 5.35: Setup was a breeze. We connected it to an iPhone with a couple clicks. No password was needed, though the instructions tell you how to get passed that if your device wants one. Sound was crystal clear and responded exceptionally well to various EQ settings we tried on the iPhone. Volume also was exceptional and responded instantly to changes on the iPhone. Overall we were surprised you don't find more of the BTS 5.35's out there. It's not the most portable, but would work very well on a shelf to fill a room with great sound.

Note: The image used is a standard product image. The unit for sale has some micro-scratches visible on the finish. Because it's a glossy black it's nearly impossible to prevent this, and there were some on it when we pulled it from the box, but they could be cleaned up with Super Hard Shell Turtle Wax. They don't really show up on a photo, so I did not include a new picture.

The rest of this listing is standard product text...

The Peavey BTS 5.35 Bluetooth Speaker, #03017330, is a wireless stereo speaker for connection with your moble phone, PC, notebook, or any Bluetooth-enabled stereo device.

With a one-to-one pairing that protects listening privacy, the BTS 5.35 provides wireless A2DP Bluetooth stereo-music streaming and supports AFHSS / AVRCP / Class II (10~30 meters). The speaker accepts both wireless and wired audio sources, and is compatible with any PC via Bluetooth, as well as all Bluetooth-enabled stereo smart phones and any brand of stereo-Bluetooth-enabled notebook.

The speaker's powerful 5" subwoofer features a long-throw bass effect that supports movie-watching with encoded DTS® / Dolby® / THX® home-theater sound. The power rating is 35 watts RMS, with a max power of 54 watts RMS.


  • Output Power: 35 Watts RMS, voltage @13V
  • Lowpass Driver: 5.25" x 1
  • Highpass Driver: 2.5" x2 full range + 2 treble, PP silver coated
  • Lowpass Filter: 80 ~ 150 hZ
  • Frequency Responses: 20 ~ 20 kHz
  • Wireless Technology: 2.4G Bluetooth
  • Operation: Auto Pairing, class II 10 meters
  • Bluetooth Integrated Chipset: CSR BC05
  • Loudspeaker Type: Active
  • Amplifier: Class AB
  • Max Output Rating: 54 watts RMS, voltage @18V
  • Highpass Filter: 600 ~ 20kHz


WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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