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Planet Waves NS Trio Partial / Banjo Capo in Black (PW-CP-06)

Planet Waves

Planet Waves NS Trio Partial / Banjo Capo in Black (PW-CP-06)

$ 14.79

The Planet Waves NS Trio Partial Capo Pro is perfect for drop/alternate tuning on guitars or as a full capo on banjos and mandolins.

The NS Trio Capo Pro uses a sleek, ultra-light design for fast, accurate one-hand positioning on the neck. Just turn the smooth, tactile dial to eliminate string buzzing and enjoy perfect, in-tune performances.

Lightweight aluminum adds virtually no weight to the neck when in use. The NS Trio Capo Pro is the product of an ongoing collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger and D’Addario & Company.


  • Partial capo for drop tunings on electric and acoustic guitars.
  • Full capo for Banjo or Mandolin.
  • Ultra-light one hand operation.
  • Patented Ned Steinberger design.

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