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Roadie 2 The Worlds First Automatic Guitar Tuner

Band Industries

Roadie 2 The Worlds First Automatic Guitar Tuner

$ 129.00

The Roadie 2, The Worlds First Automatic Guitar Tuner, quickly and easily solves the tuning problem for beginners, touring musicians, and everyone in between!

Beginner guitarists are almost always frustrated with not knowing how to tune their guitar. Meanwhile, touring musicians spend vital minutes during sets manually switching from one complicated tuning to the next. No matter your experience level, tuning can be a chore and take time away from playing.

When you put the Roadie 2 on any of your tuning pegs, it analyzes the vibrations from a plucked string to determine its current pitch. Then, its motor rotates the tuning peg until it's perfectly tuned. It takes just 30 seconds to tune an entire guitar, or switch to any of 20 alternate tunings. You can even create custom alternate tunings using the Roadie app!

The Roadie 2 offers musicians of all experience levels the most  accurate sound their instrument can produce.

With a brand new OLED screen and knob interface, Roadie 2 is now simpler and easier to use. The compact design and powerful hardware can tune electric, acoustic, classical, and steel guitars, 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos. Musicians with Roadie 2 can explore new tunings through the 20 presets or by creating custom tunings through the Roadie companion app. The app can also store profiles for all your instruments and help refine your tuning options between each one.

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