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Rotosound JK11 Jumbo King Light 11-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings


Rotosound JK11 Jumbo King Light 11-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings

$ 7.95

Still the world's favorite acoustic string, Jumbo King's have been around for decades and will continue to do so.

With a 92/8 bronze alloy made especially for us to our exacting specifications in the UK.

This set continues to remain the favorite string for such eminent performers as John Renbourn, Sir Bob Geldof, Fatherson, Noel Gallagher, and Jeff Lynne.

The following are the thoughts of John Renbourn on the Jumbo King's:

"In my search for the clearest set of bronze strings, I tried some old Rotosounds in black and red packets that I had somehow managed to hang on to for years. They sounded really good, bright and well balanced but with a rich tone.

The company were amused to hear that anybody should still have strings going so far back but assured me that, several packet designs later, their new strings were still the same quality. Rotosound bass strings have a high profile world-wide which may have overshadowed their guitar strings.

James How, who founded the company in the fifties, engineered a new type of string-winding machine that was a step ahead of the industry and all the strings are produced to the same degree of precision.

String Gauges: 11 16 22w 30w 42w 52w

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