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Rotosound RS88M Medium (65-115) Black Nylon Bass Strings - Open Pack


Rotosound RS88M Medium (65-115) Black Nylon Bass Strings - Open Pack

$ 34.95

You are purchasing a complete set of Rotosound RS88M Medium (65-115) Black Nylon Bass Guitar Strings which are an Open Pack (never installed).

A customer purchased these strings, opened them, then realized they were not the right length for his extra-long-scale bass. He did not install them on his bass. He then returned them for a refund. Now, you can have these strings at a bargain price! Plus... We've resealed the strings to ensure they remain as fresh as possible. Grab then while you can. See the photos, which show the exact set of strings you will get.

These measure 35" from rivet to the end of the black finish, plus 11" of gold-wrap for the headstock and tuner nut.

The rest of this listing is standard text for a new/sealed set of RS88M bass strings.

Rotosound RS88M Medium Scale Standard 65-115 Black Nylon Bass Guitar Strings were specifically designed by James How for Jim Burns’s famous Black Bison in 1962.

This string emulates the upright bass sound and the nearest you will ever get to a double bass that can be played as an electric bass.

The magnetic stainless steel undercovers that sit below the special black nylon tape ensures the best of both worlds by having a bass that is comfortable to handle, that will work with a conventional amplifier and yet offer a sound so reminiscent of its much larger brother.

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