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Source Audio Soundblox 2 SA226 Orbital Modulator Pedal

Source Audio

Source Audio Soundblox 2 SA226 Orbital Modulator Pedal

$ 169.00

The Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator is a super-compact, durable and highly flexible multi-effects pedal with a dynamic collection of precision-engineered phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo effects. Twelve effect types, nine adjustable parameters, plus internal or external modulation control, emphatically elevate this micro-monster well beyond the sonic limitations of traditional modulation pedals.

The Orbital Modulator delivers endless modulation possibilities including multi-voiced choruses, through zero flange, rotary speaker simulation, variable notch phasers and much more. Its nine adjustable parameters include DEPTH, FEEDBACK, DELAY, FREQUENCY, VOLUME, LoRETAIN, TREMOLO, MIX, and SPEED. Control modulation either internally or externally: sine and square wave LFO plus forward and reverse Envelope Followers offer vibrant internal modulation.

The Dimension Reverb is compatible with MIDI control signals, the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or any of the Hot Hand motion sensor rings, for customized precise external control.

Once you’ve dialed in the perfect sound, save it one of two user presets, then easily recall your settings via one of the two footswitches. The unit also comes with a 9VDC power supply.

The controls on the front panel (see the image below), from the top-left hand corner, working around clockwise, are:

  • Depth Controls the modulation depth of the effect.
  • Effect Selector Dial Selects the effect type.
  • Speed Adjusts the rate of the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), the attack/decay rate of the envelope follower, or the smoothing of Hot Hand.
  • Control Input Selects which external controller type will be used.
  • Mod Source Selects between sine LFO, square LFO, or envelope follower.
  • Option Adjusts the parameter selected by the OPTION SELECT button.
  • Option Select Selects which parameter will be controlled by the OPTION knob.

There are also two lights on the front panel, labelled 1 and 2 (one is left of the Option dial, the other right of the Mod Source dial). These lights indicate which preset is currently enabled. While the effect is in bypass mode both LEDs remain off. The presets are selected using the footswitches.


Connections are on the back panel:

  • Multi-Function In (Optional) The multi-function input is a flexible control input for use with external controllers. It accepts digital or analog signals which allow the Orbital Modulator to interface with the following accessories: SA110/SA115 Hot Hand Wireless Adapter; SA111 Hot Hand Wired Sensor; SA161 Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal; Source Audio Soundblox 2 MIDI Adapter
  • Guitar In Connect your guitar, bass, or other instrument via a MONO 1⁄4" cable.
  • Guitar Out Connects to your amp, pedal, or other audio device via a MONO 1⁄4” cable.
  • Multi-Function Out (Optional) Use a Source Audio daisy-chain cable to connect this jack to the sensor/multi-function input of another Soundblox pedal.
  • 9V DC Connects to the included 9 Volt DC power supply.


Source Audio Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator Features & Specifications:

  • Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring 3 Chorus, 3 Flangers, 2 Resonator Flangers, 5 Phasers and Tremolo.
  • Compact, cast aluminum housing.
  • 2 User Presets easily recalled via two footswitches.
  • 9 Adjustable Parameters — Depth, Delay, Frequency, Feedback, Volume, LoRetain, Tremolo, Mix, and Speed.
  • 6 Modulation Sources — Sine Wave LFO, Square Wave LFO, Envelope Follower, Hot Hand, Expression Pedal, and MIDI.
  • Multi-function In — use the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal or any of the Hot Hand Motion Sensors for on-the-fly control over modulation or any of the 9 adjustable parameters.
  • Universal Bypass — selectable buffered or true bypass.
  • MIDI Capable — the Multi-function In jack also allows MIDI access to presets and parameters.
  • State-of-the-art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.
  • 9V DC power supply included
  • Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2.25 in./5.7cm (including knobs).

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