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Walrus Audio Limited Edition ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay & Fathom Reverb

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Limited Edition ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay & Fathom Reverb

$ 349.00

The Walrus Audio Limited Edition ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay & Fathom Reverb combo pedal features two of Walrus Audio's best-selling pedals combined into one unit with exclusive art work!

The ARP-87 is a compact, feature-rich delay, packed with a large pallet of inspirational delay tones. Featuring four main algorithms, digital, analog, lo-fi, and slap back, the ARP-87 can cover some serious ground in the world of echoes. The Digital algorithm boasts pristine, crystal clear repeats great for rhythmic riffs. The Analog setting works well to add warmth and dimension to chords and lines without getting in the way. The Lo-Fi algorithm, with its adjustable frequency range on the repeats, goes from warm, warped, and murky, to strait AM radio. Finally, the Slap setting makes it easy to dial in a great slap back echo perfect for smoking chicken pickin' runs. With other features like our smart bypass switching, and momentary knob ramp, the ARP-87 provides endless creative opportunities that are waiting to be explored.

The long-awaited Fathom Multi-Function Reverb is ready to surface. Easily go from tasteful, small room reverb to long, modulated trails dripping of ambient goodness. Players will find the Fathom a very useful tool in a small footprint under $200. The Fathom features 4 different algorithms. Hall, Plate, Lo-fi and Sonar, wich gives a tip of the hat to its older brother, the Descent with a blendable shimmer/octave. Each algorithm can be modified with the “X” knob changing predelay, filter width, or mix low and high octaves, respectively. A three-way toggle also offers very tasteful amounts of modulation to your trails.

Width: 6.75"; Length: 10.0"
Manufacturer Code: ARP87FATHOM

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