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Walrus Audio Transit 5 True Bypass Pedal Switcher - Open Box

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Transit 5 True Bypass Pedal Switcher - Open Box

$ 185.00

This Walrus Audio Transit 5 True Bypass Pedal Switcher is in an open box after a customer returned it. The customer did not give a reason for the return, so we checked it thoroughly. The paint appears mint, with no visible marks or scratches that we see. The customer attached a velcro strip to the bottom before returning the Transit, which most others would also do. This Transit 5 operates perfectly. The SEND out connection is a tight, but once your 1/4" plug is inserted it works perfectly.

Bottom Line: Once this is on your pedal board only you know that it was an Open Box unit. It looks and works perfectly.

The rest of this listing is standard language for the Transit 5:

The Transit is a True Bypass Looper system useful for organizing your pedalboard and giving your pedals the benefit of True Bypass.  The Transit can also be used to create a Signal Loop, which may contain any number of pedals all activated by a single switch. These pedals are effectively True Bypass as well.

The Deluxe Transit Clickless True Bypass Switcher contains the same abilities as the Standard Transit Looper, however, it features a clickless switching system that provides an unprecedented amount of silence when turning on and off the channels.

9V DC,  2.6in x 9.75in x 2in

***The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.  Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.***

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