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ZVEX Effects Vexter Series Fuzz Factory Guitar Effect Pedal


ZVEX Effects Vexter Series Fuzz Factory Guitar Effect Pedal

$ 169.00

The Z.Vex Effects Vexter Series Fuzz Factory is a true bypass five-knob fuzz using two new old-stock sixties germanium transistors. The circuit is not modeled after any classic fuzz design, but should have been around when Timothy Leary was still lucid.  The pedal includes a DC power jack and on/off LED indicator.  This colorful five-control knob pedal is it is hand silk-screened with a beautiful finish.

The five knobs are named for the parameters over which they seem to have the most control, with various operating levels and biases.  You basically shape a personalized fuzz by adjusting the knobs to your preference.


Volume: Louder to the right, quieter to the left.

Compress:  Adds attack characteristic when turned to left, which gets softer to right, and suddenly pinches tone when all the way right. Also use to tune in fat feedbacky fuzz, if you're that kind. Lower the Stability and see what happens to this control.

Stability:  Use all the way right. Do not attempt to adjust this control below 2:00, unless you like your fuzz soft and squishy. Use it to control feedback pitch.  WARNING: Many "incorrect" settings on this pedal squeal.  This may annoy the faint-of-heart.  If you use the example settings, you will have a great starting point for personalization.  Once you find the tone you desire, don't forget to memorize or write down these settings down.

Gate:  Squelches noise after end of sustain. Turn to right to eliminate squeals, hiss and buzz, stopping just as they disappear, or use to tune in exact feedback pitch, if you're that kind. Turning to left opens gate.

Drive:  Increases distortion when used as a "normal" fuzz, and adjusts feedback pitch and tonal thickness, if you're that kind. This control becomes meaningless when Compress is all the way right.

Like all Z.Vex Vexter Series pedals, the Fuzz Factory is made with hand-polished aluminum, which is then hand silk-screened in two colors, and hand assembled.


Like all Z.Vex pedals, the Fuzz Factory uses extremely little current.  Once you install a fresh alkaline 9v battery your pedal should run long after you've forgotten the last time you installed one.  'On' current is less than 3 mA.   You can also choose to use a DC power supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative) for high-gain effects.

Warranty: Z.Vex Effects provides a one-year warranty.

Manufacturer ID: Vexter Series Fuzz Factory

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